Rules :
  • This contest will take place on (month, day, year) this way we can change the rules contest to contest if we learn something new along the way
  • A minimum of 10 matches must be played to qualify
  • Prizes are awarded to the highest overall user ranking percentages
Users are prohibited from:
  • Any collusion or even communicating game-relevant information with other users while playing at same table
  • Using any RTA poker softwares
  • Allowing any outside parties to consult or influence decisions made while playing
  • Entering more than one account into a contest

Players are evaluated through tracking four different categories and converting each of those categories into a percentage versus the entire site population. We then average those four percentages into a complete user skill rating. The higher your rating, the higher your rank.

  • Experience - total games they played. The more you play, the higher your experience!
  • Points - average finishing score
  • Aggression - average amount of chips accumulated from hands without showdown
  • Value - average amount of value extracted from hands that go to showdown